You have inherited or plan to dispand an apartment or an art collection? We are looking for local and foreign art collectors after Austrian and international

  • paintings from the 19th and 20th century
  • clocks: carriage clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks and regulators, figural clocks, miniature clocks, golden pocket watches
  • decorative arts
  • objects in silver and cutlery canteens by Klinkosch, Würth, Hann, Krautauer or Mayerhofer
  • Wiener Werkstätte
  • furniture
  • Italian renaissance sculptures in bronze and marble
  • Sorgenthal porcelain
  • Biedermeier beakers: lithyalin and hyalite beaker, by Mohn, Mildner or Kothgasser
  • weapon: wheellock and flintlock guns and pistols, cased percussion pistols
  • vases by Lötz: phänomen or cytisus
  • miniatures: Daffinger, Füger or Peter

from the late 18th to the early 19th century.

We take care for the evaluation of your items, transportation or relocation, restoration or the clearance of your apartment / house.

We advise you on the best way of liquidation of individual antiques and use our international contacts in order to achieve the maximum selling price, transparent and effortless for our customers.

Upon request we provide you to our clients or buy against prompt payment.

hunting sword

We especially look after the following artists:
Jakob Alt, Rudolf von Alt, Franz  Alt , Friedrich von Amerling, Karl Agricola, Alois von Anreiter, Franz Barbarini , Pompeo Batoni , Janos Boros, Giovanni Bossi, Hans Canon , Josef Danhauser, Moritz Michael Daffinger, Franz von Defregger, Georg Dicker, Joseph Dohnal, Erwin Eichinger, Anton Einsle, Joseph Elsner, Elsner &  Petrovits, Johann Nepomuk Ender , Thomas Ender , Franz Eybl, Anton Faistauer, Peter Fendi, Leopold Fertbauer, Friedrich Heinrich Füger, Friedrich Gauermann, Jacob Philipp Hackert , Johann Baptist Hagenauer, Philipp Happacher, Carl Hasch, Josef Haupt, Anton Heckel, Benedikt Holl, Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Josef Carl Klinkosch, Johann Peter Krafft, Josef Kriehuber, Cornelis Kruseman, Leopold Kuppelwieser, Johann Baptist Lampi, D.Ä.  , Friedrich Loos, Michelangelo Maestri, Giovanni Maggiolini, Hans Makart, Paolo Mei, Martin von Molitor, Johann Maria Monsorno, Antoine Léon Morel-Fatio, Jean-René Nadal, August von Pettenkofen, Thomas Emanuel Peter, Giuseppe Pisani , Franz Posch, Ignaz Raffalt, Carl Rahl, Johann Matthias Ranftl, Josef Rebell, Johann Reimann, Anton Romako , Brodszky Sándor, Franz Scheyerer, Franz Schieszel, Carl Schindler, Laurenz Schlitz, Antal Schmuthler, Johann Nepomuk Schödelberger, Emil, Jakob Schindler, Franz Swoboda, Géza Szilassy , E.W. Thompson (Thomson), Alfons Walde, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Karl Wallnöfer, Olga Wiesinger-Florian, Balthasar Wigand , Carl Wurm, Josef (Johann) Zasche, Hans Zatzka.