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We offer all kind of Empire and Biedermeier spring and weight driven mantel clocks, some with one week mouvement and carriage clocks from the 18th and early 19th century.
Wooden cases won’t be grounded and polished to document the authenticity. The movements will only be cleaned and brought in a working condition by highly skilled, professional restorers, who have worked with antiques for many years, many within international museums.


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Marking punch: „MI KL“: Michael Klinck?
Augsburg, circa 1600
Height: 29 cm
Gilt brass case with ornamental engravings, copper tower-form, side panels with arched glazing, columns on ornate rectangular plinths, a balustrade runs along the top of the case, with finals in each corner, surrounding a two-story columnar pavilion, the bell is housed in the lower level of the pavilion, visible through a flat colonnade, the case stands on four bun feed, with a formed ogee base, two silvered dials, one striking indication dial, striking hours, verge escapement with fuse and chain, one bell, original key.
Compare: Klaus Maurice: Die deutsche Räderuhr. Zur Kunst und Technik des mechanischen Zeitmessers im deutschen Sprachraum, Munich 1976, vol. 2, cat. 130 and 131.